Student Communication

Learn to empathize with students, effectively communicate and reduce behavioral conflicts.

Classroom Community

Create an invisible bond that will keep your students on track and accountable to you and themselves.

Personal Balance

Discover new ways to keep yourself calm and approachable during class and constructively reflective after.

Practical Strategies

Guided, step-by-step instruction means you can put these lessons to use in your classroom tomorrow.

Created for K-12 Educators

Teacher Equilibrium is specially designed to help educators live a more balanced, happy life in and out of the classroom.

Kelly Knoche

Founder, Mindfulness Instructor

Founder of Teacher Equilibrium. Kelly has been helping teachers find their balance for years.

Lance Burbank

Mindfulness Instructor

4th grade teacher sharing the mindfulness strategies he has cultivated in the classroom.

For Teachers, by Teachers

We created Teacher Equilibrium out of our own desire to manage the daily stresses of teaching 30+ student classrooms. After burning out several years ago, we’ve been testing these strategies to help us gain a renewed sense of accomplishment and calm in the classroom.

Our courses are designed to give you practical strategies that you can apply in your daily work right away. See how our instructors are maintaining their equilibrium live in the classroom and learn real tactics, not just theory.

Become a Teacher Your Students Will Love